Gradually learn about psychology from the fundamentals up.

The curriculum offers from the basic terminology of psychology to inquiry and research methods and specialized research relating to humans and the society.
Learn the scientific approach to the human mind.

Appeal of the Department

The charm of psychology lies in the fact that its research findings can be used in our lives and work. For example, it is important to gain a good understanding of problems and worries through the study of clinical psychology, so that you can use this knowledge to help yourself and others when they are in trouble. In addition, knowledge of developmental psychology is beneficial in disciplining and educating children in order to promote healthy mental development. Furthermore, the study of social psychology can guide us to form better interpersonal relationships and guide us to adapt to organizations and groups. Thus, the study of psychology provides us with the benefit of understanding how to scientifically and objectively examine the workings of the mind and behavior and the results of that research.
The Department of Psychology and Humanities offers a comprehensive and systematic study of the broad field of psychology from the basics to application. In addition, we provide students with the practical skills necessary to solve various problems that arise in social life. Not only lectures but also through experiments and practice, students learn them.


    A scientific approach and an approach to psychology based on objective facts

    As well as lectures on theory students also have the opportunity to carry out experimentation using specialized equipment and data analysis using statistical analysis software.
    Steadily learning the fundamentals of psychology leads to the field of clinical psychology applications.


    Fostering experiments and data analysis experience skills that can be used in society

    In addition to expertise in psychology students also improve their English ability, communication skills, PC data processing skills, as well as skills to be able to create plans and reports.


    A complete curriculum that aims for progression on to post-graduate studies and national accreditation.

    Students acquire a knowledge of a broad spectrum of psychology from the fundamentals required by the psychology workplace to applications and advanced research.
    A curriculum has been developed to assist in obtaining the National Certificate ‘Psychologist Certification’.

  • [Qualifications that can be obtained by earning credits]
    Junior high school teacher's license (social subjects) / Senior high school teacher's license (civics) / curator / social welfare chief appointment / child instructor appointment / social researcher / certified psychologist / certified psychologist (psychological survey) / child Welfare commissioning qualification*/Certified psychologist*
    ※Qualification that can be acquired conditionally

  • [Qualifications recommended and supported for acquisition]
    Sleep Improvement Instructor (University Certified Sleep Improvement Instructor), Psychology Certification, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), IT Passport Test, Multimedia Certification, CG Creator Certification, Web Designer Certification, Web Design Proficiency Test, Basic Information Technology Test, Information Security Management Exam/Applied Information Technology Proficiency Test/Practical English Proficiency Test/TOEIC®/Practical French Proficiency Test/Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

  • 【Medical support】Mental care psychologist / Clinical psychologist (after entering graduate school) / Certified public psychologist (after entering graduate school) 【Welfare】Social welfare officer/Child counselor (child welfare officer)/Child guidance counselor/Child self-reliance support specialist and child life support worker/Social welfare facility care worker 【Civil Servant】 Family Court Investigator / Protection Supervisor
    【School】Junior high school teacher (social studies)/High school teacher (civics)/School staff 【Companies such as wholesalers/retailers, service companies, information and communication companies】
    General affairs/HR /PR / /Sales person, etc.


  • Licensed Psychologist course

    This course is aimed at helping students obtain the national qualification of Licensed Psychologist, which is required for counselors and others who do psychological work. Students learn all about psychology at the university level, gain experience at specialized psychology-related facilities in order to go on to graduate school, and otherwise advance their academic understanding. The course includes the study of practical and clinical psychology, which enables students to refine their knowledge and skills.

  • Liberal Arts Psychology Course

    What is the mind? How is psychology utilized in society? This course gives students the chance to experience the wide-reaching, complex world of psychology and deepen their understanding of fields that interest them. In this way, they master the standard basic knowledge and skills demanded of people who study psychology at a university. Upon graduating, they also obtain the Certified Psychologist qualification recognized by the Japanese Psychological Association.

  • Psychological Research and Experiments Course

    In addition to the content of the Liberal Arts Psychology Course, you will acquire the knowledge and advanced skills to conduct psychological research and psychological experiments required of psychology specialists. You will start with the basics of psychology and reach practical learning by steadily completing the relevant specialized subjects. Depending on your choice of specialized subject, you can study (1) Cognitive Psychology (2) Social Psychology (3) Developmental Psychology (4) Physiological Psychology.

6 Points Strengths of the Department of Psychology and Humanities

    Science to explore the state of mind

    There are many ‘psychology’ quizzes on TV and in magazines where you can easily enjoy the wonder of the mind. However, learning ‘academic psychology’ in the Department of Psychology and Humanities is quite different from them.
    The center of the psychology learned at this university is a ‘scientific approach’ based on experiments and inquiry and data analysis. Students systematically acquire psychology knowledge and research skills to be able to gain the ability to consider the human mind and behavior based on natural science thinking methods.

    Extensive experimental and research environment

    It is necessary to collect data from appropriate experiments and inquiries to be able to decipher the movements in the human mind.The department is equipped with various psychology experimental apparatus and laboratories. There are also miniature garden therapy rooms necessary for the practical study of clinical psychology.All students have the opportunity to use the advanced statistical analysis software ‘SPSS’ used for technical psychology research. Students can also read papers, not only in the field of psychology and behavioral sciences but also physiology, neuroscience and medical related papers online.

    A curriculum responding to your earnestness

    How do you learn the skills and knowledge for the purpose of correct and scientific understanding of the human mind? It is important to steadily build up your knowledge and skills while learning theory in lectures and practical experiences through experiments.
    Therefore, the Department of Psychology and Humanities in comparison to other universities has a larger number of compulsory subjects to be completed by all students.Learning in this department is not as easy as you may think.However, if you are serious and sincere about learning psychology, the curriculum has been made for you to deepen your interests.

    Finding your research theme

    So as to be able to teach a wide range of areas the Department of Psychology and Humanities has faculty specializing in teaching fundamentals as well as those specializing in the area of applications and other lecturers dedicated to the area of psychology.
    At our university, a graduation research is compulsory.Students select their own theme of research from a wide range of areas and have the chance to experience the joy of serious research as a researcher.

    Thinking and communication skills for the real world

    Summarize the findings of research and inquiries in reports.Our university gives particularly detailed guidance, and the training students receive to ‘deepen logical thinking and have the skill to relate to others’ is extremely useful in the real world.
    Apart from learning, reading comprehension and processing ability of experiment data collected for analysis also improve your skills of English appearing in research material.

    Confirm your knowledge of psychology through ‘Psychology Proficiency Tests.'

    The ‘Psychology Proficiency Test’ is a test to measure the abilities and knowledge of psychology at the university graduate level. (Sponsored by the Japan Psychological Association Federation)The exam covers ten subjects related to each area in psychology and depending on the number of subjects passed students are certified as ‘Special Grade 1’ and ‘Grade 1’ or ‘Grade 2’.To ensure that students have acquired the fundamental knowledge of psychology this department uses the same proficiency test as an indicator of academic accomplishment.In addition, regarding students studying in the area of sleep research, the department recommends that students obtain the ‘Sleep Improvement Instructor’ certification which is used to offer advice in relation to a sleep inducing environment and lifestyle.

  • Study psychology across a variety of fields

    Psychology is the study of scientific and objective inquiry into "the mechanism of mind and behavior". Since ancient times, it has been said, "What is the mind?" but the answer to that question relied on intuition and subjectivity. The subject of psychology was born in the second half of the 19th century, so it is a very recent development in human history, but modern psychology covers a wide range of fields. For example, modern psychology includes basic psychology, which explores the basic workings of the mind, and developmental psychology, which studies how the mind grows and changes, clinical psychology, which examines the causes of mental illnesses and their treatment and support, and social psychology, which explores the psychological mechanisms related to human interaction.

    The Department of Psychology and Humanities provides students with a solid basics in each field of psychology, as well as the opportunity to learn about their own interests and aspirations. Students can choose a specialized field of study to engage in more advanced study and research according to their own interests.