Main Gate and Bus Rotary

There is a school bus rotary right after the main gate. Our school buses run between the bus stop in the main gate and “Nagareyama-otakanomori Station,” free of charge. It is for student and faculty use. but is also available for visitors to Edogawa University.

Edogawa University School Bus

(1)Building A Education Research Building

On the first floor is the University Affairs and Employment Division and Satellite Studio, the second to the seventh floors are private laboratories for faculty, the fourth floor is the Academic Information Division, and on the eighth floor is conference rooms.

Exterior of Building A

the University Affairs

Employment Division


Satellite Studio

(2)Building B Comprehensive Information Library

The Memorial Hall is on the first floor (accommodating 315 persons), from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor is the Comprehensive Information Library, and from the 5th floor to the 7th floor are lecture rooms.
The library and museum houses about 270 thousand books, and is also equipped with an AV listening corner. It is also open to the community who may use the area after completing an application.
In front of the library 2nd floor entrance, is a place commonly known as "nekomons" used for classes and meetings, etc. It is a place for learning where students can talk freely and relax with refreshments.
On the 7th floor is a multi-media laboratory that can assist with speedy processing and editing of videos and images, as well as a help desk to assist with computer operations and trouble.

Exterior of Building B

Memorial Hall


Library Interior


Psychology laboratory

Multimedia training room

(3)Building C

On the first floor is the student counseling office, medical office, and International Student Center, and on the 2nd floor is the research laboratory of psychology, Sleep Research Institute.

Exterior of Building C


Student Counseling Office

International Exchange Center

(4)Building D Lecture Building

On the first floor are lecture rooms, a cooking room, multilingual laboratory, as well as Yamazaki shop and student Hall. From the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor are lecture and seminar rooms, private lesson rooms for music and music teaching rooms, music rooms, art crafts room, and a multi-purpose hall.

Exterior of Building D

Active Learning Studio


Cooking Room

Music Room


Private Music Lesson Rooms


Music Conductor


Arts and Crafts Room


Multi-Purpose Hall

(5)Building E Lecture Building

On the first floor is the image Hall (capacity of 500 people), Student Hall, television studio and DTP room, and seminar rooms, from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor are lecture rooms.

Exterior of Building E

Image Hall

DTP room


(6)Building N Admissions and Public Relations Center

On the 1st floor is the Admissions Office, on the 2nd floor is the President’s Office, Office Director, Board of Director's Office, Corporate Secretariat, General Affairs Division and Komagi Learning Center Office.

Exterior of Building N

(7)Building L Student Cafeteria and Gymnasium

On the first floor is the student cafeteria, shower room, and the gymnasium is on the 2nd floor.

Exterior of Building L

Student Cafeteria‘Dining & Cafe Edogawa’

Yamazaki Y shop


The first Gymnasium


There are clubhouses for club groups. On the first floor is a gym and aerobics studio and on the 2nd floor there is the extracurricular clubs office and alumni room, and individual club rooms. There are individual club rooms on the 3rd floor.




Aerobics studio

(10)Psychological Counseling Center building

The center includes individual-interview, group-interview, play-therapy, and observation rooms.

Psychological Counseling Center building


The university is the first in Japan to adopt long pile artificial turf for its field. The thickness of the grass is world class with an emphasis on safety and durability. With a size of 100 m long and 60 m wide, it is Japan Football Association officially certified.


Tennis court

The three tennis courts are omni-courts combining artificial turf and natural sand.



(12)The Second Gymnasium

There are 2 basketball courts to use. The staff room, shower room, modern fully equipped gym are all air-conditioned.

Exterior of Gymnasium


Interior of the gymnasium

Football field kashiwa

This football field is for our men’s soccer club and there are two artificial turf football fields that have night lights in the 36,000㎡ area.The two-story clubhouse has a dining hall, four meeting rooms and two shower rooms.
The location: 1319-1 Hananoi, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

Artificial turf field

Club house

Adjoining kindergarten ‘Edogawa Mori no Hoikuen.'

Adjoining kindergarten ‘Edogawa Mori no Hoikuen.' It is an eco-friendly facility for the comfort of the children. The building looks like a log cabin from the outside in the shape of a U and has a spacious courtyard. The child care spaces are bright and spacious.




Eco-Friendly Facilities


Bright and spacious lobby

‘Edogawa Minami Nagareyama Hoikuen’ is a sister nursery school.

The nursery school was established in April, 2013 in affiliation with the University. It is a nursery school with a two story building and a rooftop.
The nursery school is filled with natural light with easy access to the plaza from anywhere in the spacious child care space.




The open environment of the school


Large child care space