The community-based Edogawa University has quickly responded to computerization and globalization and aims to solve problems close at hand.

Edogawa University President Hikota Koguchi

Edogawa University provides students with careful education based on education in small groups and that is in line with a student's career path.

Our careful education is for solving problems in our society such as sleep and well-being, communing with nature, conservation of natural environment and cultural heritage, town development, new business development, childcare issues, information technology and internationalization

In order to find solutions to these common problems surrounding us, information gathering and decision-making are essential in today's information society.

That is why we provide students with a lap top PC and try to enhance IT skills.

By the way, as we all know, we are in the age of globalization which is going on incessantly. In this modern world, English has become the official language. Therefore, our students are required to improve their English language skills.

Since the foundation, we have been running a three-week studying English program in New Zealand, as well as shorter programs in Singapore.
In addition, we have added a six-month study abroad program.

We also give students opportunities to try TOEIC and educate them individually.

Edogawa University has been advocating a community-based university and have a nursery school adjacent to the university to help resolve issues of child care in Nagareyama city.
We open our library to citizens and have public lectures with the expertise of our faculty.

Edogawa University President Hikota Koguchi

March, 1969 - Graduated from Waseda University School of Law
March 1971 - Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Law Master’s Program
March, 1974 - Withdrew from the Waseda University Doctoral Program
October, 2004 - Doctor of Law

April, 1971 - Assistant, Faculty of law, Waseda UniversityApril, 1976 - Waseda University Faculty of Law Assistant Professor
April, 1981 - Waseda University Faculty of Law Professor
November, 1998 - Waseda University Academic Director (until November, 2002)
November, 2002 - Waseda University Member of the Board of Directors (until November, 2005)
June, 2003 - Waseda University International Director (until November, 2005)
November, 2005 - Waseda University Managing Director of the Board of Directors (until November, 2006)
April 2007 - Waseda Shibuya Singapore High School Principal (until March 2016)
September, 2009 - Edogawa Gakuen Academy Member of the Board of Directors (to the present)
April 2010 - Waseda University Director for the Institute of Asian Studies (until March 2015)

[Specialty] Chinese law, Chinese legal history

[Main publications and papers]
"Traditional Chinese legal system" (sole author, Seibundo), 'In the contemporary Chinese judicial and law' (sole author, Seibundo), "Introduction to Chinese law' (Joint editor, Koubundo), “Contemporary Chinese law” (Co-author, Seibundo), “Chinese politics-the road to open socialism” (co-editor with , Waseda University Press), “Basic study of risk in Chinese contract law, "Comparative law", March, 2015 "In Chinese contract law concerns any essay on the "Comparative law", 48, 2, 2014, Some Observations about "Judicial Independence "in Post-Mao China (Boston Collage Third World Law Journal) 7th February, 1987 etc