Sharpen skills to understand the mechanism of the real world and to develop unique business ideas

Learn a wide range of theories on management and specialized knowledge and skills for actual business so that you can develop abilities to plan, present, and implement business ideas.

Appeal of the Department

Business administration is "the study of efficient organizational management". Companies and other organizations face a variety of problems and challenges in their operations. Business administration proposes solutions to these problems and issues. For example, how do you motivate your staff members, how do you divide the work responsibilities? Learning business administration can be rephrased as acquiring the ability to solve various problems and issues involved in organizational management. The curriculum of the Department of Business Management opens up a wide range of career opportunities in manufacturing, finance, distribution, lifestyle services, music and fashion, sports, community development, and new business ventures. Our professors have a wealth of experience, and their lectures are practical and stimulate your curiosity. We also support students in acquiring qualifications to strengthen their expertise and enhance their ability to be employed as businesspersons through trainings. We are looking forward to providing you with a stimulating environment that will help you develop your potential and support your personal growth.


    Students can gain practical skills from studying on-the-job management.

    This program includes management and economic theories, exchanges, and internships under people who are at the forefront of management, on-the-job management skills through a study abroad program which allows the students to gain practical business knowledge and skills and study on-the-job management.


    Students can gain knowledge and experience
    Faculty with a wealth of business experience.

    The value of knowledge in business and economy is demonstrated when students can apply them in the real world.
    They will gain a deeper understanding and development through the unique lectures of experienced professors on various fields such as corporate management and professional sports.


    Students will gain an understanding of diverse fields of management that is available today through various modes of learning.

    Students can study management and fundamental fields such as finance and accounting in fashion, music, sports businesses, finance, manufacturing, distribution, venture businesses, and other fields that are available today.

  • Certification courses
    Junior high school teaching license (English, Japanese, and social studies), High school teaching license (English, Japanese, civics, data), Social researchers, Welfare officers

  • Qualifications that can be obtained by earning credits
    Junior high school teacher's license (social studies) / Senior high school teacher's license (civics) / curator / social welfare chief qualification / child instructor qualification / social researcher / child welfare chief qualification※
    ※Qualification that can be acquired conditionally

  • Qualifications recommended and supported for acquisition
    JCCI Bookkeeping Level 3 / Retail Marketing (Sales Person) Certificate Level 2 and Level 3 / Business Administration (Beginners) / Business Accounting Test Level 3 / Secretarial Examination Level 3 / Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) / IT Passport Test / Multimedia Certification Test / CG Creator's Test / Web Designer's Test Web Design Skills Test / Information Security Management Test / Basic Information
    Engineer's Test / Applied Information Technology Engineer's Test / Practical English Proficiency Test / TOEIC® / Practical French Proficiency Test / Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  • 【Finance】Financial Officer/Store Developer/Store Producer/Shop Owner (Manager)/Mobile Store Owner/Retail Store Owner/Insurance Salesperson/Entrepreneur/Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant/Accountant/ Securities Analyst/Securities Broker/Financial Institution Counter Staff/ Financial Dealer/ Financial Planner/ Real Estate Broker
    【Fashion】 Fashion Adviser/ Fashion Coordinator/ Fashion Show Planner/ Merchandiser/ Buyer/ Press/ Shop Staff 【Music】 Music Producer/ Music Magazine Reporter/ Editor Music Producer / Music Magazine Editor / Music Rights Professional / Concert Stage Staff / Concert Producer / Concert Promoter [Sports] Athlete / Sports Leader / Sports Promoter / Sports Organization Staff/ Sports Media
    【Sports】 Junior High School Teacher (social studies) / High school teacher (civics) / School Staff
    【Companies such as wholesalers/retailers, service companies, information and communication companies】 Planner / Secretary / Accountant / Sales person, etc.


  • Corporate management course

    Students will gain a fundamental knowledge in business and corporate management from case studies in that field.It is also for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Finance and accounting course

    Students learn about financial accounting, which serves an important role in terms of managing company strategies, and financial business, which is conducted across industries.

  • Music and fashion business course

    Learn about the fashion and beauty industries, or music industry, from the aspects of management and business.We aim to nurture energetic generalists knowledgeable on the music industry with a logical mind and a good sense for music.

  • Sports business course

    Study modern sports business.We nurture imaginative people with a background in organization theory and psychology.

4 strengths of the Department of Business Management

    Hands-on, practical learning based on our wealth of experience

    Business Administration is a practical subject where learning can be directly applied to real business.That is why the professors of the Department of Business Management are people with a wide range of experiences in their respective fields and have achieved much as business people.Their CVs are exciting, including positions and careers like a management consultant, corporate executives, professional soccer and basketball players, basketball player, and senior editor of a sports newspaper.
    Their daily lectures, touching on real business, are full of knowledge that helps your future career.

    Put into practice what you learn and learn through experience ‘Business Management Practicum and Training’ (Second Year)

    At the same time as deepening knowledge step-by-step, it is important to put that into practice and gain experience.In the ‘Business Management Practicum and Training’ in the second year, each course has its own unique characteristics, and students learn through experience and connections to the real world.
    For example, in the finance and accounting course, students acquire the basic skills and knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting with the aim of passing the “Nissho Bookkeeping Certificate.”
    Also, in the fashion business course, Edogawa Girls’ Collection fashion show is held during the school Festival.Students experience the various preparations in organizing an actual event from the planning, and collaboration with off-campus enterprises and other university departments to the management on the day of the event.

    “Specialty Seminars” to learn expert knowledge in each field (Third Year)

    These seminars are focused on the specialized field of each professor. Here are some examples: ‘Management Principles’ ‘International Business Theory’ ‘Food and Food Quantity Environment’ ‘Tactical Analysis of Competitive Sports and Teaching Methods.'

    We support students to obtain certificates that objectively assess the skills.

    We encourage students to obtain skills that help their careers.We support students to obtain following certificates: “Certificate of Secretarial Skills” on general manner and skills, “Seller Certificate” that helps careers in the retail and distribution industries, “Real Estate Broker Certificate” essential in real estate business, “STEP Eiken” for English skills, and “MOS (Word/Excel)” for skills of MS Office.Knowing bookkeeping opens many opportunities in a variety of businesses, especially financial institutions such as banks, securities, and insurance companies.
    The mandatory subject in the first year ‘Business Management Foundations’ supports preparation for the exams for these qualifications.We also offer help through seminars and prep-school style special lectures for bookkeeping, retail and housing certificates.

Appeal of the Department

  • Learn a wide range of business management theories and enhance your practical expertise

    Business Administration is the "study of the efficient operation of organizations." The term "organization" here includes corporations, non-profit and governmental organizations, clubs and classes. For example, one of the most important goals of a corporation is to maximize sales and profit. The question is, "How do we maximize sales?" or "How do we grow sales with less money?”. The study of business administration is an effort to scientifically search for answers to these questions. Studying business administration also means acquiring the ability to solve various problems and issues associated with organizational management. Another attraction of business administration is that students can acquire skills that can be applied to various organizations.