Edogawa University is a university established by Edogawa Gakuen in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture. It was approved in 1989 and opened in April 1990.
The University's educational philosophy is "Fostering human resources full of gentleness as human beings and contributing to our society through universal education and the specialties demanded by the times (人間陶冶/Ningen Toya:character cultivtion)". The purpose of our education is to develop human resources who have the ability to penetrate deep into the values and philosophy of special sociology, psychology, pedagogy and other academics with a broad knowledge, then carry them into practical use with great and rich humanity.

Establishment corporationEdogawa school
President of Edogawa Academy木内 英仁(KIUCHI Hideto)
President of Edogawa University小口 彦太(KOGUCHI Hikota)
Year of establishment1990
location474 Komagi, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture, 270-0198
Faculty / DepartmentCollege of Sociology
Department of Psychology and Humanities
Department of Contemporary Sociology
Department of Business Management

College of Media and Communication
Department of Mass Communications
Department of Communication and Business
Full-time faculty members78 (48 professors, 18 associate professors, 8 lecturer, 4 assistant professors)
Number of students2519 people
(1443 students in the Faculty of College of Sociology, 1076 students in the Faculty of College of Media and Communication)

Number of full-time faculty and students is as of May 2020